The Writing Industry Changes Daily


It Feels Like...

The glass ceiling is real.
My faults and insecurities
are  on display for
the world.
I have no clue if this is
even worth it.
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You Need A Writing Coach To Help You...

  • Gain clarity and focus

  • Offer strategic advice

  • Boost your stamina with an online writer's boot camp 

  • Inspire you through writer's block

  • Encourage you like a cheerleader

  • Developmentally edit your manuscript

  • Research any questions you may have

  • Put you in touch with other professionals you may want

  • Create a solid marketing plan

  • Give pointers and direction in book cover design
  • Serve as a biblical reference & fact-checker

  • Navigate publishing platforms

  • Introduce you to other like-minded writers

There are several ways you can work with me!


Co-Work via Zoom in a group setting with Toni & others from 9 am - 3 pm

COST: $19


Participate in three pre-recorded & self-paced workshops (workbooks included) on blogging, social media, and book writing.

Includes access to VIP days 

COST: $29


For one hour, we'll talk about your project(s) and I'll give you an action plan on all the tips, tricks, and things you need to do to reach your writing goals.

(Includes access to the Bootcamp and VIP Days)

COST: $49

If you know that today is the day you get in touch with the published author you are supposed to be and embark on a fascinating journey and want to work one-on-one through the completion of your published project,
you can get started today for $124.
(Payments will be billed at $124 a month for the next three months).
Or, if you want to save $75 and make one payment today, your total cost is $424. 
(guarantees services for one year, includes an initial tell-all call, access to the Bootcamp and VIP days, with monthly coaching calls )

I know Toni is the coach

for me! I need to join her

tribe today!!!

I need to talk one on one just

to make sure we click.

Now is just not the "write" time. I do want to stay in touch though.