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The Writing Industry Changes Daily

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It Feels Like...

The glass ceiling is real.
My faults and insecurities
are  on display for
the world.
I have no clue if this is
even worth it.
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You Need A Writing Coach To Help You...

  • Gain clarity and focus

  • Offer strategic advice

  • Boost your stamina with an online writer's boot camp 

  • Inspire you through writer's block

  • Encourage you like a cheerleader

  • Developmentally edit your manuscript

  • Research any questions you may have

  • Put you in touch with other professionals you may want

  • Create a solid marketing plan

  • Give pointers and direction in book cover design
  • Serve as a biblical reference & fact-checker

  • Navigate publishing platforms

  • Introduce you to other like-minded writers

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