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Hey, I'm Toni.

I am a native Chicagoan, a transplanted Texan, and a heartfelt Mississippian. Several years ago, a road trip with my kids taught me to abandon the life I thought I should have and embrace the one God has planned for me...which includes writing about all the things in the world. And to be perfectly honest, writing saved my life three times and I'm pretty sure it can help save yours too. Oh, and there's this...when most people are sleeping, I'm writing.

Professionally, I have nearly 30 years of experience as a journalist, blogger, and college writing instructor. I fell into the business by writing obituaries for a local newspaper as a part-time job when I was in college...yep you read that correctly. I wrote obituaries. As a matter of fact, to this day obituaries are my favorite thing to write.

Basically, I encourage and uplift.

Another reason I create content is to help amazing people become even more amazing in their own lives. Your content is a total representation of who you are, your life experiences (the good and the bad) and who you are becoming. I am here to see you creating valuable information about all of it! And yes, I was a cheerleader in high school. 

Not too long after I started writing professionally, I learned that marketing is equally as important as writing itself. And furthermore, the ever-changing digital world we live in allows for us to create and consume using more than the written word.

Does this sound overwhelming? Don't worry, I've got your back. 

Just like the weather, content goes through seasons. 

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Friend, this is one of the most important things you should know. Some days writing is the best way to connect with our audience.  Other days, we need to record short videos, amp up our social media posts, or be more consistent with our email lists. And let's not even start talking about writer's block.

I know from personal experience that you can be on a good course with any work-in-progress and boom, life happens and stops you in your tracks. It may even feel like a cold and barren winter season where you have no idea when or if you will ever create again. 

Perhaps, someone has already said to you, "I can't believe you are writing about that. What will ______ (fill in the blank with the names of your naysayers and haters) say?

Just like the weather climate, content creation goes through seasons, and some of them aren't pleasant. Good coaches care about you as a person, and motivate you to continue this journey through all seasons. 


I spend most of my days slaying internet trolls.

I live in the digital world and my work also includes managing marketing and social media campaigns. I work hard to stay abreast of trends in social media, blogging, and publishing. It's a thing. I understand SEO, social media advertising, reach, performance, copyright infringement, and Wordpress. Because I have really smart creative friends, I also know a little bit about branding, website building, and graphic design. Unfortunately, managing trolls are a big part of my on some days, you could say I'm an internet ninja.

And in case this kind of thing is important to you. I've won some awards for Innovation and Excellence in Teaching for my work in teaching writing at the college level.
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Professional Memberships
American Society for Editing, Alliance for Independent Authors, American Writers & Artists Institute, Bible Gateway Blogger Grid

I love living in Texas because everything is bigger here.

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Including hair. Especially my hair. All ideas can have a big impact on your reading audience if you are authentic and trust the process. I can't guarantee that you will write a New York Times bestseller, however, I can guarantee that your ideas will turn into an extraordinary asset to your audience.

So bring me your ideas. Your best ideas, your biggest ideas, and even the ideas that you don't think are worth anything. Together we can turn them into something even bigger. 
To see more or discuss possible work let's talk >>
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